Veterans for Christ is an elite team of veterans from all branches of the military who travel to the far reaches of the world through jungles, deserts, mountains, and every type of environment to bring the gospel to those who have not yet heard of Jesus. In Romans it talks about how the Lord will not come until all have heard of him and right now believe it or not there are places in the world where people have not heard his name. When I was a missionary in Mexico I traveled to places where they still have witch doctors and have not heard of Jesus. It was shocking to see that there are places like that in the world. To think of these places that are out there we question why have they not yet heard the good news! The reason is they are in places most cannot get to because of the terrain, location, and the risk that is involved in getting there. 

When I was in Mexico I was walking to a village deep in the jungle. I had been walking for hours in the blistering heat and I could feel the elements starting to take it's toll on me. I took a break to hydrate myself and figure out how much distances I had left to travel. While I was doing that satan started to attack me. He started to tell me that I wasn't going to be able to make it. It was to hot and if  I pushed harder I could get sick and even worse die out here alone. He was telling me to head back to my vehicle to the air conditioner and that someone else was going to come out here at some point.... After his failed attempt at stopping me from continuing on I stood up and thought to myself that there is nothing that satan can throw at me that I have not been through. I have trained in the heat for months and been in combat in the middle east. I have trained in all environments from desert, winter, mountains, and the jungle. I have been trained to live off the land and survive in the most inhospitable places. At that moment I smiled and did an about face and continued on to the village and I got the supplies to them that they were in such desperate need for. 

When I returned home to the mission I took a moment to reflect on the day and it hit me. Most missionaries I had come in contact with are what I liked to call "fragile". They were doing what the Lord had called them to do but most were unable to go out into the jungle because of lack of training, drive, experience, and risk involved. What do missionaries train for when they go out in the world to share the gospel? They train on how to share the gospel and how to combat the enemy because satan is constantly attacking those in the mission field. It's a war between Heaven and Hell and we are on the front lines of that war! That is why satan attacks veterans when they return home because he knows a veteran is the worst enemy he could possibly have! 

God put it on my heart to create a team within the organization to go out to the far reaches of the world to get the gospel to the remaining ones in the world who have not yet heard the gospel. We have members on the team from all branches of the military, law enforcement, and fire department. We communicate with missionaries all over the world about places that they have been unable to reach or even places that have been reached that they cannot get supplies to wether it be 5 days travel or 10 days travel we will complete the mission at hand. Our mission is to get the gospel into the villagers hands and create a way for local pastors to have communication with the villages. It is important to get the gospel to them but it is even more important that they have a way to learn how to walk with the Lord and have a relationship with him.

What does our team consist of? On our team we have a former JTAC operator who is our point of contact at our base of operations. He is in constant communication with the team while they are in the field and also in contact with our team state side. We also have a former medic who comes with the team and all members are trained on basic first aid. All members have already been trained in basic and advanced survival skills. 

If you feel that the Lord has put it on your heart to join us please message or call us! We are looking to grow the team and to hopefully one day have multiple teams!

How can you partner with us

We are constantly looking for supplies for the mission trips. For 2016 we are looking for hiking equipment, climbing equipment, and camping equipment. We are in constant need of first aid supplies such as antibiotics and basic medications. If you know of a program or a doctor who helps missionaries with medical supplies please contact us. The need for medical supplies is overwhelming. 

Most importantly we are looking for people to financially partner with us. There is tremendous cost that goes into these mission trips and operational cost. We are also in need of good communication equipment for the team. We are a 501c3 and all donations can be used as a tax write off. Donations can be made by clicking on the donation link or you can mail a check made out to Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma to 6310 S 110th east ave Tulsa, OK 74133. In the memo of the check please put VFC. 

If you would like more information about VFC please email or call us at anytime! You can reach us at 405.326.2424 or email us at! If you would like us share about what we do to your company, Church, or family please contact us!