We are dedicated to helping returning and existing veterans assimilate back into life stateside. Competitive shooting is a great way to do this, while building friendships and sharing something we love to do.  We have a Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma shooting team led by Garrett Grover who is the team captain with Cody Schreck as a team leader. There are five members in the Pro Series team that compete at matches almost every weekend from IDPA to 3-Gun across the nation. We also have a shooting group led by Michael Easterly where we have a open setting where anyone can join us! Our team can take veterans to the range and introduce them to the competitive shooting sports. Whether you enjoy pistol, rifle, shotgun or all three there is a competition for you. We have the firearms and gear if you don't. Never let that be a reason for not joining us!


We would like to personally thank Bryan Corry of 3 Gun Nation, pro shooter Jake Shattuck, James Lynch of AXH, and Sandridge Energy. If your company would like more information on partnering with us please message us! Partnering with us will get your company in front of thousands of people across the nation!



We are so grateful for Bryan Correy of 3 Gun Nation and Chris Barger the President of Rise Armament for being such great people. On every stage of Bryan Correys match the sixth stage will be the Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma stage! Thank you so much in helping us give back to those who gave so much!


Great time at the Old Fort Club in Arkansas with some amazing shooters!

The team competitions with 3 Gun Nation!!

OU 3 Gun presentation and shoot! Big thanks to Bryan Corry of 3 Gun Nation!!!!!

Big thanks to Basspro for letting us use their main room. Nothing like a team dinner to talk about the future of the organization! There are some great things coming which will allow us to help so many more veterans!

The team always having fun!

We are always so grateful to 3 Gun Nation for always inviting us out to their Pro Series competition!

We had another great time with 3 Gun Nation! Some an amazing organization! We are so grateful for all the support!

Great time in Oklahoma City shooting with veterans.

Another great day with the team and veterans.

Even though we don't win every time... We have the most fun out of every squad!!!

Had an amazing time with 3 Gun Nation at the US Shooting Academy. Got to spend some time with Jesse Tischauser and members of Boomershooter.com sharing our story with them. Jesse is also a fellow veteran who served his Country with Honor. A big thank you to Brian of 3 Gun Nation!

Another amazing day at the range. Got to spend time with Scotty Dee our great friend from Honoring America's Warriors.

Garrett down in Texas for a 3 Gun Nation match.

Guys having a great time at another comp. It is an amazing time shooting and an amazing time introducing veterans to the sport!

The guys traveled to Arkansas to represent the organization and spend time with other shooters!

Thank you 3 Gun Nation for the opportunity to come out and watch the match of the year! Got to meet Jerry Miculek and Daniel Horner.

Practical Rifle match at Oil Capitol Rod and Gun Club. Brandon, Cody and John competing.