On this page we will have phone numbers and also links to different veteran support groups across the United States. We will also be posting veteran friendly businesses. It is always hard to find companies that truly understand what veterans go through and what they have experienced. On this page you will find businesses who support our nations veterans with honesty, integrity, and true support. These local businesses are posted on here because we know them personally or we have done extensive research on them. On this page you will find everything from Doctor offices, veteran support groups, electrical companies, roofing companies, chiropractors, and so much more. 

Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

6310 S 110th East Ave

Tulsa, Ok 74133

405.326.2424 or 918.269.0049





One of the hardest things to find as veterans is health care. Most importantly health care where a doctor can truly understand what we have gone through and cares about our recovery. James Ross, M.D. is that doctor who is passionate about helping our veterans and their families. Founded by Dr. James Ross, Tulsa's premier family physician, Ross Medical Care provides urgent, family and wellness care through a unique membership-style system which provides direct physician access for a single, affordable monthly fee designed to save families money and provide complete care. 


10130 S. Memorial, Tulsa, OK 74133

Phone: 918-932-2909

Fax: 918-932-2073

Urgent, Family, Wellness Care




The team at Tier-one Roofing has a reputation of excellence in insurance claims, comprehensive roof inspections, leak detection, and material knowledge, providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective solutions for their clients. To them the only thing as important as quality of work is your experience. Their priority everyday when they come to work is to ensure their customers have the best service in the industry. They are with you every step of the way to ensure you are satisfied, and have a pleasant stress-free experience. What is even more amazing is that they are veteran owned and operated.

They support numerous non-profit organizations such as Soldiers Wish and Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They truly give back to those who gave so much. If you are needing help with your roof or if you just have a question don't hesitate to call them and tell them WVO sent you!


Valor Arms is a business built upon the same foundation as our founding fathers. Fait, family, and country. They are quickly becoming the most innovative weapons and accessories store in Oklahoma! Whatever need you have for firearms there is no one better to go to! Their cutting edge products are what the firearms industries needs to take things to the next level. Their light weight and durable products will help you with all aspects of shooting competitions and hunting.

918.512.8660 (store)

918.230.0677 (cell)

1221 new sapulpa road

sapulpa, OK 74066




If you are a shooter one thing you will understand is that making your gear pop with sponsor stickers and logo's is the new trend. There are a lot of companies who have tried to create those things but failed due to the quality of their product. Speaking from experience I have not been able to find a product that can deal with heat from firing thousands of rounds through my weapon or able to last due to how ruff competitive shooters are with their gear until now! Patriot skins was created by some amazing people who truly support our nations veterans! Their graphics that they are able to create are the best I have ever seen. They are able to take your logo our artwork and apply it to a glossy format that you can apply to your weapons and also your gear.