Projects and Goals

On this page we would like to share with you are dreams and goals. We firmly believe that if you don't dream big then your not dreaming at all!



Track Chair

1. Raising funds to build or purchase a track chair. We do over 60 hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking trips every single year. There are times we are unable to take our veterans who are wheelchair bound which is always heart breaking but on almost all hunts we will carry our veterans out to wherever we are hunting but some places we are unable to do that. Our goal is to raise 15,000 and that will allow us to take veterans out on all trips.


Boat Project

2. Building a boat. We do so many hunting and fishing trips that we are also in the same situation where we are unable to take veterans who are amputee's or in a wheel chair out with us. We are wanting to build a boat with a platform so we can securely take veterans who are wheelchair bound or paralyzed out with us. Our goal is to raise 36,000 or if you know of a boating company that has boats with platforms and would like to donate one that would also be truly amazing! (the picture featured is an example, we would take a boat like the one featured and modify it to be able to taking wheelchair bound or paralyzed veterans out.)



Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma Ranch

Our goal is to be able to build a ranch where veterans from across the entire nation can come for recovery and rehabilitation. On the ranch there will be a wellness center, arts and crafts center, women's veteran center, hunting and fishing lodge, and we will also have marriage classes, and counselors. It will be the first veterans ranch in the entire United States. The goal for this major project is 4.5 million dollars. For the main donors for this project their name and company will be located on our main ranch sign and all the centers will be named after them or their company.