There are two main things veterans love to do, hunting and shooting! Over the past two years we have grown to the point where we needed to make a team that focuses on taking veterans out on Deer, Fowl, Predator, Turkey, and other types of hunting trips. For veterans or people who support the organization everything is provided. You will have a firearm, layout blind, Deer blind, ammunition, food, and the best hunters in the state working to help you have that special hunt. Austin, Tanner, and Chase have been hunting all over Oklahoma and it's surrounding states for years. 

We are still looking for additional sponsors for our hunting team. Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma is in contact with thousands of veterans across Oklahoma and surrounding states. We are looking for companies who wish to sponsor us by giving financially or by donating gear/equipment. We are constantly testing new equipment out in the field and putting what we feel, how it tested, and what we think of it over our social media and email blasts. 

We are also glad to tell everyone that we are partnering with Buck Boy Outfitters! Such a great group of people of who the founder Dylan Thompson is a Fire Fighter! If your looking for a unbelievable hunt they are the ones to go with! If interested in going please email the organization.


Great times at the White River! If you missed the trip in 2015 we will be going in 2016!

Love hanging out with Off-Road Kennels!

Love hanging out with people I served with! Caught one fish and one bird!

Buck Boy Outfitters!

Great time doing a overnight Hog hunt! 

We had two guys in two different spots in tree stands and we were in one spot in a tree stand... Still got skunked but spending time with brothers in the woods is always the best part!

Cody landing a monster buck! So grateful to Chad from Reliance Oilfield Services for the opportunity for him to go on this hunt!

love hunting with these guys!!!

Nothing like a good old day at the lake fishing, noodling, and grilling out!

The best thing in the world is fishing with some great friends. We had such an awesome time!

It poured down on us for hours but we had such a great time out hunting! We are doing duck hunts every weekend so if your interested please contact us!

Opening day of dove season! 

Nothing like going to the lake and finding a great spot where you can make a fire and cook lunch. Such a great time hanging out with some great people!

Jake made a trip out to Colorado and landed a huge Turkey!

Another great time fishing with some great friends. We caught some fish and we also caught a bird. Don't worry it was released unharmed back into the wild!

The guys out hunting Hogs in Texas!

Don't you love it when you go hunting and forget your cold weather gear on one of the coldest days.

Beautiful day to hunt.

Don't forget! These hunts are free to veterans and to those who support our organization!

The team getting at it! Anyone is welcome to come to the shooting trips!

Dove hunting!

Another great time out with some guys. 


When you come out with us we will make sure everything is set up and ready to go for you! Also that is not James sleeping on the job! Oh wait it is!


Austin and Tanner do an amazing job taking veterans hunting. On this trip we were excited to bring out former Atlanta Braves catcher Kyle Roat! It is awesome to see former pro players coming with us when we go out! On this trip we had over 500 birds flying!


When using layout blinds always make sure that you not only put soy beans on the blind but also around you. You will find that a lot of Ducks or Geese are less likely to flair when coming in. It is not about how good you are camouflaged, but how the area around your layout blind is camouflaged. If you ever go out to land that has hay bails ask the land owner to purchase one! In the lower picture you will see that you can camo your layout blinds but also in-between hunters making it look flush with the land.


We do a lot of Dove hunting! This season was amazing! 

Jake and Chase had a great time hunting with friends in Missouri! Can't wait for another trip like this! Jake and Chase are very experienced hunters and love to take veterans out on hunts.