This page is dedicated to the testimonies of those Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma has helped and most importantly continue to help. Throughout the years we have helped veterans beat alcohol, drugs, and most importantly suicide. We are here for our veterans in their walk to recovery. We are here with them and their families every single step of the way.




Personal Testimonies of the lives Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma has touched
" 2015 was a pretty turbulent year for me and my family. I had some pretty severe PTSD related events, hospitalized myself, and was barely making ends meet. I came in contact with James and Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma through my old squad mate and friend Garrett Grover. I was invited out to a match with Garrett and got to spend some time with other veterans like me! That fellowship filled a void long left empty since my discharge. Since then my mental health has improved and I've found pissed off vets like me to vent to and confide with. Furthermore, this Christmas was a bit heart breaking for me and my wife because we could not quite afford the bountiful Christmas for our children that we have in the past and barely had enough to get them anything at all. WVO and Jeff from Wellness for Vets truly came through and four members of WVO dressed in Multi Cam showed up at my place with santa hats on and blessed my children with a horde of Christmas gifts. It was a real joy seeing my kids eyes light up when they had a literal bag full of stuffed toys dumped out in front of them. We were also counting on a Christmas bonus of 300.00 to help cover the bills and holiday expenses this year that never came. WVO without even knowing gave me and my wife a 300.00 visa gift card as a special gift to my wife and I.  We often wonder why our answers go unheard. God has shown me time and time again that he may not answer my prayers in the fashion that I would like but it's just so he can blow me away with how he blesses me. Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma has been an answer to my prayers in more ways than I can count! "
Drew Phelps
United States Army
"  Before Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma came into our lives my husband felt forgotten and alone. That all changed when Cody and James of Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma came into our lives! My husband is in a wheel chair due to combat injuries he sustained in Iraq. Over the last couple months Brooke has been spending time with Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma going to movies, dinner, and good old fashion bro time. His life is forever changed and he feels appreciated and has brothers he can rely on and connect with. His life and mine is forever changed because of Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma!  "
Veteran Spouse
"  Coming back from war I struggled with adjusting back into civilian life. I turned to alcohol but thanks to Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma and the competitive shooting team I was able to kick my alcoholism.  "
United States Marines
"  Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma and it's members have helped me get out of my house and enjoy things I once did. Through it's fishing trips and shooting trips I look forward to another great year! Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma and Jeff from Wellness for Vets also helped my family have a very merry Christmas because without them it would not have been possible. Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma is truly a blessing from God.  "
United States Army
"  Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma has made a huge impact on my life. I've made lifelong  friends and joined a brother hood that will never die. The opportunity that Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma has given me and my friends to give back to the people  who have served our country is unlike any other. I'm very fortunate to be a part of Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma and give back to the ones who have served us. I love sharing my passion for the great outdoors with the ones who give our country freedom!
Fire Fighter and founder of Buck Boy Outfitters
"  Such an amazing organization doing great things for our Nations veterans. "
"  The last few years of being with Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma has been nothing less than amazing. The fellowship and memories that have been along the way is something that I will remember for a lifetime. I am truly grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this organization!
WVO Outdoor Team
"  Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma was life changing for me. It help me with all the struggles I had with transitioning and saved my life. When I got back I was lost and in a very dark place. I was distant from my friends and most importantly from my family. Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma is an amazing organization that is so different from other organizations. Most organizations do something every three months or so and WVO  is there for you daily. They do things every weekend and they are there for you every step of your recovery. They are the most caring people and the awesome thing is they are all real.  "
US Army
"  I feel very good and pleased with Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma. It has helped me by getting me out of the house and back out into society. It has helped me to communicate and interact with other people. I have made some awesome friends and most importantly it has brought me to God. It was awesome to be able to be baptized my Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma at a lake on a fishing trip.  "
US Navy
"  Being able to give back to those who gave so much has been an honor these last few years. I have learned that being a veteran is hard during deployment but it can also be even harder when they get home. I am thankful for Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma and the good Lord above to have allowed me to understand what these heroes have done for us and giving me the chance to get to know these guys while taking them out into the hunting field and out doors. Being involved with the Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma members has been nothing but a blast and I couldn't be more thankful.  "
Outdoor Team
I finally have something to fight for again. When I got out I didn't have my brothers in arms anymore so I felt alone and useless. When I was overseas my focus was fighting not only for my country but also for my brother who stood next to me. When I got out I was completely lost but Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma has given me something else to fight for and that is the veterans and their families. Without Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma I am not sure where I would be right now wether it be alive or not.
anonymous veteran
Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma has helped my family and I immensely. I first met the organization through a guy I met at the gym who was a Vietnam veteran who was a helicopter rescue pilot named Jeff. I was asked to lunch by James and now we chat almost daily. My family and I were struggling during Christmas and Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma made Christmas amazing for us! They are raising money to help me get a track chair so I can hunt and fish once again. Not only do they care about me and my well being they care about my family. I can bring my beautiful wife on trips with Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma because they care about keeping family as a core. I was in a dark place when I met James and Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma and now with his humor and constant texting or calling I have a new friends and a family.
Spencor Skipworth
US Army
When I got out of the Army I was lost, I felt like I had no purpose, I felt like no one cared about the sacrifice I made, and I was in a dark place. All I could do was think about the friends I had lost and how it was my fault that they had gave their life for their country. I felt like there was something that I could have done or what if I would have done something different. Now they are not going to see their families. They are not going to see their kids grow up and everyday I wish it would have been me instead of them. It ate at me day and night and I wanted relief from the pain so I went to alcohol, drugs, and partying. It helped at first, it helped with the suffering because it made me forget about it. But then it came back ten times worst and I couldn't drink enough alcohol. I was going to end my life, I didn't want to live. But wvo saved me

Giving Back To Those Who Gave So Much