We have a lot of great things happening all over Oklahoma! Here are some of the amazing things we have done throughout our State. If you are interested in holding an event to support your States veterans you  can call or email us at anytime. Please join us in giving back to those who gave so much!  If you are interested in joining us on any trip please email us at 


Honoring America's Warriors and Kiss!

Such an awesome opportunity to spend some time with the bank Kiss! They are huge supporters of our nations veterans and are truly grateful for the sacrifice our men and woman make! Huge thanks to Honoring America's Warriors and Scotty Dee for making this happen!

A "Veteran christmas story" mission!!

Last year during Christmas we were able to give away 25 gift cards to Toys R Us for veterans kids. We had put it out on social media what we were doing and we were flooded with so many families who were unable to provide their children with a Christmas and it was heart breaking. This year we had a mission and it was to change as many lives as we possibly could! Thanks to Jeff and all the other amazing companies who helped us we were able to provide so many families with a Christmas!!!




Loved the opportunity to speak to the Oklahoma American Legion on veterans day!

Wounded veterans of oklahoma carry and conceal class

university of oklahoma shooting event!

We always love spending time with our friends from the University of Oklahoma! We put on a shoot for students and staff from OU every year!


The second annual clay shoot sponsored by SandRidge Energy, Select Energy, and Reliance Oilfield Services was great! We never had so much fun in our lives! We are so grateful to be able to partner with some amazing companies. The shoot was such a blast and a lot of lives were changed that day! 

Such an amazing honor to be able to go to the University of Oklahoma and speak to some of the students about our program!

Had a fun time at the Illinois River! We caught some fish and we also caught a bird. The bird was safely released and we look forward to going back!

Had a chance to provide lunch for the River Side Police Department! Such amazing men and woman. We must always remember those who protect us here at home.

We want to thank the Broiler House for the opportunity to do a fish fry for the organization! We also want to thank our sponsors for your amazing generosity. We had a great time and a lot of great prizes were given away. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us!

We want to thank the University of Oklahoma and the IBC Company students! We appreciate all that you do in giving back to those who gave so much! We had an amazing time with you guys and we would also like to thank Kristen for making all this possible!

Had an amazing time out at 3 Gun Nation! Thank you for the opportunity to come out and share a little about what we do in helping veterans and growing the sport!

Had a great time speaking to the Oklahoma Civitan Group!



Had an amazing day at the IADC luncheon in Oklahoma City. IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors) has been serving all over the world for over 75 years. They are a true supporter of our States veterans and of Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma. Thank you in helping us give back to those who have gave so much!


We were blessed with the opportunity for one of our members to go to the Roever Foundation event. Dave Roever has one of the most amazing testimonies. He is a true hero to the United States of America. You can read more about his foundation at


Another big thanks to Sandridge Energy and the Sandridge Energy Leadership Team I for putting together an amazing event to help a veteran. Michaels house is finished and this couldn't have happend to anyone more deserving!


Sandridge Energy is truly a company that supports veterans. Most companies give donations to different organizations which is amazing but Sandridge has gone far beyond that. I was contacted by Luke Wyckoff who works for Sandridge because they wanted to do an event for someone in their community and had heard about us and wanted to help a veteran. They were going to send a community team of 18 personal to help a veteran. The plan was to find a veteran and do something for his home. A lot of veterans only get so much support from the VA and because of their disability from wounds they suffered they are limited in doing things around their home. We had got in contact with a veteran in Moore Oklahoma. His name is Michael and he is a  former Green Beret with four Purple Hearts and also the Bronze Star. Michaels home was damaged in the Moore tornado and unfortunately the contractor he had hired made his house worse leaving him with more work to do with his home and taking his money. 

Sandridge brought in a inspector to see what needed to be done to his house and after the inspection they were told it would take upwards of $18,000 to fix his home. When Sandridge got the news they didn't stop and say "we need to find another veteran." They said "let's raise the money." When we heard the news we were completely shocked that Sandridge Energy was going to hold a event to raise the money for Michael. The event will be held November 20th. If you or your company is interested in coming you can contact us and we will give you all the details to sign up. Sandridge Energy is a premier, high-return, growth-oriented, resource conversion company. We truly thank Sandridge Energy for all that they do. 

Thank you Luke Wyckoff and the Sandridge team for all that you do!




    Church On The Move is a Church that truly supports veterans. Pastor Kruse and Pastor Vance held a event for veterans with their House 2 House groups. People sometimes don't realize how one small gift, word of encouragement, a thank you, or hand shake can change a veterans life. When veterans return home they feel abandoned and that everything they went through no one will know and they are left to battle it alone. 
    They had a great cookout and fellowship and I can tell you that lives were changed. Over half the veterans that came told me "they did this all for us? Why would they do this?" I told them "all these people are here for you guys. They are here to thank you for the sacrifice you made to protect our freedom." One veteran took a deep breath to hold down his tears. Wounded Veterans Of Oklahoma will always be grateful to Church On The Move.

    Thank you for giving back to those who gave so much.








    We had an amazing time at the White River! We caught over 140 trout in a day in a half and had some great talks by the fire. We are planning another trip to the White River in Feb. 2015 and everyone is welcome!

    camping trip to lake oolagah


    linked up with jeepers anonymous for a trip to the va!


    A group went out and did a lot of work on a veterans home!