Serving those who gave so much for us with integrity and honor.

Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma is a vital support group and resource in helping veterans transition from the Armed Forces to civilian life. We assist veterans from all foreign wars, Fire Departments, Police Departments and Sheriffs’ Departments with all aspects of their lives. Whether you just recently left the service or you left decades ago. we all share a common bond of duty, honor, selfless service, and loyalty. Some have served overseas in combat and some here in the United States. No matter where they served most find themselves dealing with PTSD or some type of injury, whether physical or mental.

We don't just help the veteran, we also help their families. We truly feel that the families of the veterans also sacrificed much and have struggles of their own. Our focus on the veteran and their family is what makes our organization so unique and different from other non-profits. They served our Country and community so that we may continue to have the freedoms that so many others long for.

Wounded Veterans of Oklahoma is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to honor our veterans by helping them with any need they may have in their life, especially the need of companionship. 


WVO has programs and guidelines for Churches and businesses who want to start a program for veterans. Our goal is to help establish programs that will help bring veterans together and help them with their daily lives and the struggles they deal with. The key to truly helping Veterans is having a continual relationship where they can find and have support and relationships they need. Veterans want to speak to other veterans about what they are going through and what they have been through. It is very difficult for them to speak to someone who will not understand what they have been through which in turn will keep them from opening up completely. Only when a veteran opens up completely can they truly get the help they need.

Every Church and major business in the United States has a veteran within their organization or company who are wanting someone to talk to or something to be a part of. The key is having something that they can not only relate to, but can also value. They want to be a part of something they can connect with. Just like a Church that is trying to get their members more involved the key is getting that member or veterans to make that first step. Everyone is looking for a reason to take that first step. What we do is we help you implement a program that will help them take that first step. If you would like to speak with us about setting something up please contact us!



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